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News of emancipation reaches the southern town of Mercy, where within its boundaries, four women journey to define freedom within their lives. They endure abuse and tend to unrequited love and ache from broken families. Suffering too long, only their dreams, desires, and secrets hold them up each day. 

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

The characters in this story were amazing. The women, their anguish, their pain, and their courage had me hooked from beginning to end. This author did a wonderful job in telling this story!

- Gia, Atlanta, GA​


"The Secrets of Mercy took me on a wonderful, emotional journey that I will not forget. I LOVE a book that pulls me pulls me in and leaves my breathless."

- Tabitha H., Concord, NC

This is a novel that makes the reader feel the full gamut of emotions in a seamless and comfortable way. There were times I talked out loud as I read, times I referred to certain characters in my daily conversation as though I truly knew them, and times I simply refused to put the book down. Brook Blander's use of local color and poetically detailed descriptions bring the reader directly into the town of Mercy and into a connection with its residents. Read. This. Book. You can come back and thank me later ;)

- B. Ayers, Dallas, TX



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